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Dry Skin Care | How To Take Care of Your Dry Skin

Dry Skin can be a real pain in the neck to live with. If you have dry skin you exactly know what I mean. Your skin becomes flaky and sometime even appear red and irritated. There are many skincare products that promise to cure dry skin problems but usually these claims are unfounded.People suffering from dry suffer from lack of oil production made by skin cells.

Check these 5 skin care tips for fighting acute and chronic dry skin.

Hrithik Roshan Photos for GQ Magazine Septenber 2009 | Professional Photo Session

Hrithik Roshan PhotosHrithik Roshan sizzles up on the front cover of GQ magazine latest issue, where he talks about temptations of fame. Like him? check out more Hrithik Roshan Photos for GQ Magazine.

John Abraham Photos From GQ February 2009 | Professional Photo Session

john abraham photoJohn Abraham is Hot! Looks delicious in simple T shirts and jeans. These photos are from GQ magazine for the month of February. Check out John Abraham Photos From GQ February 2009.

john abraham photos



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Beautiful Wallpapers | Desktop Picture

desktop picture Download Random Beautiful Wallpapers, Desktop Pictures for your desktops.

Desktops, Destop Picture, Custom Wallpaper

Gorgeous Genelia D'Souza Sizzles on Verve Magazine August 2009 | Genelia D'Souza Professional Photo Session

professional photo shootGenelia D'Souza - Verve Magazine (August 2009). Genelia graces the cover of popular Verve Magazine for the month of August 2009. She looks elegant and gorgeous on the magzine cover, can’t wait to see some inside magazine scans, will post them asap. Genelia is one of the promising new comer of tinsel town. Check Genelia on the cover of Verve.

Genelia, Genelia D'Souza

Health Supplements For Men

all natural supplementThanks to health magazines and general awareness campaigns, men are making their step towards better health care and becoming aware of the importance of prevention in the maintenance of good health. Here we are discussing some useful health supplements for men like antioxidants supplements, male enhancement supplements for alleviating some common male health conditions.

supplement foods, natural health supplements

How To Speed Up U Torrent

best torrents, dvd torrents, game torrents, iso torrents, movie torrents, software torrentsTorrent is a small file (around few kilobytes) with the suffix .torrent, which contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for. That means it contains file names, their sizes, where to download from and so on. You can get torrents for almost anything on lots of web sites and torrent search engines

So far, uTorrent 1.8 is the best torrent version ever. It's light and fast and there have been great improvements as far as features (such as the icon and user interface) and performance are concerned.

best torrents, u torrent, Utorrent, torrents search

Igre – Igrice: BikeMania on ice | On Line Games

On Line Games, internet games, web games, gaming, computer games, gaming gameBike Mania On Ice is a fun flash game where you ride a dirt bike on ice while trying to take jumps and keep from crashing. Click on New Game to start it.

Eastern Fashion | Urban Fashion Clothing and Urban Jewelry

pakistani fashion designerThe Urban Fashion Clothing are designed for women in Western Parts of the World who want to follow n wear their cultural and traditional fashion outfits.

Urban Fashion Clothing includes shalwar kameez, evening wear, party wear, bridal gowns and other fashion accessories representing vibrant shades with variety of fabrics including silk, crepe, raw silk, kataan, charmeuse, crepe tissue, chiffon, satins, georgette, organza, net, khaadi, karandi, crushed fabric, banarsi, atlas, jamawar and velvet.

Lindsay Lohan Elle UK September 2009 Professional Photo Session

professional photo sessionFashion magazine Elle UK chose to feature Lindsay Lohan for photo session for their September 2009 magazine cover. Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohen hasn’t done much in the last 2 years she keeps on appearing on magazine covers. The photo shoot took place in a studio in Islington back in June and some jewelry has been stolen from the scene.

all tOgether...

Assalamua'laikum WBT..

Alhamdulillah, sempena bln Ramadan al-Mubarak nie kena r tnjuk alim2 kucing skit. Muahaha!! Bapak xikhlas... Ish3x!! =P.. Mka tnggal 22 Ogos 2009 bsmaan ari Sabtu, msuk lar bulan yg di nanti2 oleh sluruh umat Islam (ye ker??) iaitu bulan Ramadan...

Mmmmmmm.. Ak mlas nk stOry pjg2 abOut Ramadan nie spt kt2 blOg org2 len. Ak nie bknnya alim sgt nk citer2 psai agama nie. Sdar siapa diri ku, msih lgi blajar n t'kapai2.. Huhu!! So, stOp there.. Juz nk cter psai ak nyer pOsting utk kli nie "ALL TOGETHER"..

Apa yg tlintas d mnda kOrng..?? Msti blur kan.. Hahaha!! Actually ak juz nk cter suasana ak 1st bkak pOsa kt umh jer utk Ramadan thun nie. Trasa kehappeningannya tueee!! Sbb per?? Sbb smua ahli kluarga ak ada drp akak sulung ak hngga lar yg ke bOngsunya.. Spa lar yg bdak bOngsu tue yek.. Hohoho!! =P

Almklumlah, thun lpas ak bkak pose smua kt German. Thun sblum2 nie pon mna nk smua ahli kluarga ak ada utk bkk pose sma2 tyme 1st Ramadan. So, saat nie amt bmkna lar bgi ak. Korng xrasa gtue ker?? Huhu!! So, smuanya klu xclap ak sramai 15 org lar including anak2 sedara ak, kak abg ipar ak smua.. Hoho!! Sngguh lar ramaiiiiiiiii... Dgn ank sdra baru yg ak dpt, bernama Imran Ajmain (fuyOoo!!! Penyanyi lgu "seribu tahun" tueeeeeeee) =)..

Lauk pauknya plak b'aneka jnis.. Tp kbnyakannya lauk tunjuk2 jer.. Muahahaha!! =P.. Jnji msuk prutn kenyang.. Hoho!! Ak try nk uplOad gmbar, tp ntah npe xleh plak.. Byk vrus per laptOp ak nie, tnggu msa nk fOrmat jer. Huhu!!

Btw, thanks a lot to my family members cOz mmakbulkan ak nyer harapan.. Hohoho!! =)

Mobile Wallpaper Downloads | Beautiful Mobile Wallpaper 176 x 220

Watch District 9 Movie - Online Movies

Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa's District 9 as the world's nations argued over what to do with them. Now, patience over the alien situation has run out. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens' welfare - they will receive tremendous profits if they can make the aliens' awesome weaponry work. So far, they have failed; activation of the weaponry requires alien DNA. The tension between the aliens and the humans comes to a head when an MNU field operative, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley), contracts a mysterious virus that begins changing his DNA. Wikus quickly becomes the most hunted man in the world, as well as the most valuable - he is the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology. Ostracized and friendless, there is only one place left for him to hide: District 9.

Bridal Jewelry Sets | Jewelry For Wedding

jewelry for wedding Marriage is not just a conjunction of two body and soul but it is a moment of truth that is cherished through out the life. And this moment is celebrated with pomp and grandeur and exquisite Bridal Jewellery and great attires.

Check Out exclusive collections of jewellery are perfectly suitable for the bride, other ladies, attending a wedding ceremony. The fantastic collection of Bridal Jewellery, whether sparkling around your neck, hanging from your ear or shinning on your head are the perfect ones to make everybody glance at you.

Top 5 Tips For Oily Skin Care

Thick, dull colored and shiny skin represents the oily skin. Mostly people having oily skin suffer from pimples and other embarrassing blemishes. In oily skin the oil producing glands are overactive and produce more oil than is needed resulting in oil excretion and giving the skin a greasy shine.

Meet Ranbir's new girlfriend Shazahn Padamsee

Meet Ranbir's new girlfriend Shazahn PadamseeRanbir Kapoor has found himself a new girlfriend -- on screen, that is. His upcoming film, Yash Raj Films' Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year, sees him opposite debutante. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT HER?? I like her!

Priyanka Chopra 12 Sun Signs Shades Professional Photo Session

Priyanka Chopra 12 Sun Signs ShadesPriyanka Chopra sports 12 different looks according to Sun Signs for her upcoming romantic comedy movie What’s Your Raashee?. Make-up artist Asha Hariharan her team worked hard on giving Priyanka these different looks and no doubt, she has done a pretty good job.

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza - Healthy Recipes

This delicious pizza is topped with everything you would get on a juicy bacon cheese burger : hamburger, mushrooms, sauteed onions, crispy salty pieces of bacon, and a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Is your stomach growling yet?? Mine growls every time I think of this pizza. Don't Panic below mentioned is the recipe of Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. So, enjoy the long weekend by making this delicious Pizza.

Pangkor Island

Lokasi : Pulau Pangkor
Hari : Jumaat - Ahad
Tarikh : 14/8 - 16/8/2009
Peserta : Ruru, Yed, Apam, Rah, Baz, Cik, Yah
Pengankutan : Keta Yed & keta Apam

1st day...

Dri UM, b'kOnvOikan 2 buah keta, kmi b'tjuh bgrak mnuju ke Pulau PangkOr (holiday awai sem breaks). Pjlnan yg lbih kurang 4jm frOm UM tue kmi wat sparuh2.. Lpas 2jm pertama, kmi smua snggah dlu di umh Yed utk lunch. 1st tyme g Sabak Bernam yg jlnnya, FUYOOOOOOO!! Hik3!! =P.. Ppe pon mak Yed msak duOdap xspclly smbal udang msak petai tue.. Mualaaaa!! Bselera Ru mkn, bak kata Cik, mmg KENAAAA!! Hohoho!! =).. Tq a lot tO family Yed

After lunch + rhat2 jap, pjlnan 2jm strusnya d truskn lgi.. Smpai jeti Lumut arOund 4pm ++ cmtue lar.. Kt Lumut g cari tket bus utk balik Kdah ahd nie lu. Sdih siOt cOz tket ke SP/Alor Star xdak. Yg ada hnya ke ButterwOrth. Psrah gler tyme tue. Ikut kn ati xnk jer balik. Tp sbb Ru xnk nyusah kn sspa xspclly Yed, Ru beli lar gk. Wlaupun Ru tahu dkt ButterwOrth nti, akn byk pncarOba yg prlu d tmpuhi.. Huhu!! Tnpa buang msa, nek feri ke PngkOr... Yipiiii!!!

Kt PngkOr kami mnginap di chalet per nma ntah (lpa plak). Chalet bru g tue, tpi pntai g. Best2!! Lpas jer check in smua, trus siap2 trjun lauttttttttttt.. Hohoho!!! Xcited ggler bdak2 priang nie. Al mklumlah bkn snang nk cri ktengan di laut.. Hehehe!! Bjam2 gk r mndi laut tue, smpai air laut yg t'sngt msin tue msuk dlm smua lubang dh.. Tettttttttttt!!! =P

Mlmnya plk g mkn kt grai. Sodap gk r lauk pauk dia. Yg di mkn adalah kerang bkar, ikan pari bakar ngn air asam, ikan 3 rasa, syur khailan etc.. Hohoho!! Knyang prut dennn!! Ru n Rah psrah cOz xdpt nk mkn cndOl mlm tue cOz sntan grai akak tue abis.. Huhuhu!!

Mlmnya bdak2 riang ini xcited nk wat unggun api tpi pntai. Bbekal kn smngat Yed yg On da spOt mncari kayu2 api, mka thsil lar jua unggun api. Kmi pon dok lar bsntai2 di tpi unggun api smbil smbang2, men2, tdoq2 etc. Mlm tue Ru dpt lyn blues di tpi pntai smbil dgr bnyi2 alunan Ombak. Oh, sngguh tnang rsanya!! Rsa bebas drp smua mslah yg ada.. Huhu!! Dpt jgk d lihat d sni sktOi psngan yg brmah msra.. Oh, rOmantik tOiii!! "Y** suka laut kanan ker laut kiri".. Tettttttttt...!!! Then ZzZzzzzZZZzzz..........

2nd day...

Pgi2 trus mnapak di tepi pntai utk bkayak. Khemah plk tlah siap dpsang oleh ktua Oliday, si Yed. Tq bngat Yed!! Mmndangkn kmi b'no gnjil, tpksa lar Ru kena ambik kyak yg sOrng pnya. Ye lar, Baz ngn Fara, Apam ngn Yah, Yed ngn Cik, Ru..??? Trasa dri d pnggir kn. Huhu!! Xdk lar, lwak jer =). Ru kn besa sndri2an.. Hoho!! So, nek lar kyak smpai plau dpn tue, nma per ntah. 1st tyme Ru kyak, then nek yg sOrng2 plak, fuhhh!! Mmg rsa tkut n nrvous tue ada. Tp xkn nk nyusah kn org jer 24jam kn. Xkn nk kena bgntung ngn org jer kn. Kna r blajar jgk hdup bdkari kn. sO, Ru lwan lar smua pwsaan tkut tue n try dO it. Alhmdlillah, brkat tnjuk ajr si Yed, dpt jua Ru bljar.. Tq Yed Once again..

So, kt pulau tue dpt lar snOkeling2 skit. Wlaupun xada apa sgt yg mnarik, alhmdlillah bpuas ati. Hoho!! Ksannya Ru dh smkin glapppp.. Tidakkkkkkkkk!!! Hohoho!! Tgh ari just mkn mggi jer, smpn prut utk BBQ mlm nie. Hik3!! Lpas tgh ari skit2 tue, Ru msuk chalet kedebOom tdOqqq.. Hohoho!! =P...

Ptg arOund 5pm d kjutkn utk smbung bkayak lgi cOz koi 6 cmtue kna antr balik kayak yg d sewa itu.. Huhu!! So, kli nie Ru plk bpsngan ngn Cik, Yed ambik kyak sOrng2. Alhmdulillah, Ok jgk lar cOz ptg tue Ombak laut kuat skit. Klu Ru kna kyak sOrng2, almtnya mpOs lar.. Huhu!! Tq Yed.. So, kmi b'7 kyak jauh2 skit lar dri kyak pgi tdi. Best sgt kayakkkkkkkk!!! Rsa nk kyak lgiiii.. Huhuhu!! Lpas antr kyak smua, blik ke kwsan pkhemahan, trus trjun laut utk kli t'akhir (maybe) smpai lar ke mghrib...

Mlmnya ari hujan rntik2.. Sdih tOi. Bru nk hepi2 wat BBQ cOz brang2 mknan smua dh beli dh. Tp hjan rntik2 ini xmmtah kn smngt Ru, Yed n Apam utk b'BBQ jgk. So, spruh mknan kmi BBQ di dlm hjan rntik2 (Yed sOh ltak lm blOg).. Spruh lgi Rah rbus kn. Huhu!! Dtg mngacO adalah Cik. Hik3!! =P.. Lpas BBQ smua, lpak2 lar di tpi chalet smbil mlntak smua mknan yg ada. Fuhhh!! Trasa kpenatan yg amat sgt 1 ari nie dgn muka Ru yg merah cOz mngadap bara api BBQ.. Huhu!! Ppe pOn, misi BBQ bjaya.. Yes2!! Hik3!! =)..

WlaupOn penat thap dewa, Ru & Rah msih lgi bsmngat utk mlantak cndOl di grai smlm. Al mklumlah, smlm hajat xkesmpaian. So, mlm nie nk tbus lar. Hehehe!! =).. Last2 smua jOin skaki lepak2 kt grai, lyan cndOl sma ABC.. Hoho!! Fuhhh!! Sntan pekattttttt!! MantOpppppppp!! =).. Nk gtau, Ru blnja diOrng smua.. Hohoho!! =P

Blik lepaking dri gerai, Ru + Yed + Apam smbung plk lepaking di tpi pntai b'unggun kn api. MntOppppp...!!! Bdak2 pOmpuan smua dh msuk chalet kedebOom.. Kcualiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Jeng3x..!! Suspen2!! Hik3!! =).. Si Yahhhhhhhh.. Hoho!! Apam ajak, laju si Yah dtg.. Muahaha!! Ini lar psngan yg bru nk starting.. Kui3x!! =).. So, Ru & Yed jauh mnggal kn diOrng b'dating. Ru nk dating ngn Yed plak. Hohoho!! Mlm tue sembang ngn Yed bestttttttt... Bkn snang nk cari msa Ru ngn Yed lepaking sma2 & smbang hal2 laki2. Rsa mcm lpas blik dri German, pshabatan kmi mcm lOnggar jer. Maaf kn Ru, Yed... Huhu!!

ArOund 1am ++ gOing tO sleep... Tp xdpt nk tdoq ngn nyenyak cOz m'mkir kn byk bnda.. Huhuhu!! zzzZZZzZzzzz.................

3rd day...

Hohoho!! Today is Our last day in PangkOr.. Pgi2 pOn dh hujan lbat gk r.. Huhu!! Lpas check Out arOund 10am, kmi pOn nek tksi ala2 van yg di sewa mrOnda PangkOr.. Slamat lar uncle tksi tue baik bngattttt... G tmpat Org wat mknan2 kering, shOpping2 mknan kring, g tkong Cina ala2 tmbOk bsar Cina (ggler bsar ikan dlm kOlam ctue), tmpat2 Belanda perang dlu2 etc smpai lar koi 12pm.. Fuhhh!! Puas ati jgk lar... Yg bestnya, dpt mrasa es krem gOreng. Dh lma Ru mncariiii.. Di pngkOr jgk jdOh es krem gOreng ngn Ru.. Hohoho!! Koi 12pm nek feri balik jeti Lumut...

Smpai jeti Lumut shOpping2 skit apa brang2 yg ptut such as keychain, baju etc.. Ru & Yah nk kna rush cOz koi 2pm dh nk kna nek bus ke Butterworth. Huhuhu!! Tiada msa utk lepaking lma2, utk lunch, koi 2pm nek bus.. Mlas nk cter pjlnan yg mnyeksakn utk pulang ke Bndar Yan, Kedah.. Biarlah ia mnjadi pngalaman utk Ru.. Ppe pon, Ru smpai umah arOund 7.30pm.. Sma jer lah pjlnan dri kL ke Kedah.. Huhu!!

Ppe pOn, Ru nk ucap kn tq very2 much lar kpd smua ahli2 pcutian ke PangkOr nie cOz dpt mrealisasikan plan di saat2 akhir ini.. Hohoho!! To Yed, thanks a lot tOo.. Tnpa Yed, Ru xtau per yg bkal jadi kt PangkOr... So, lpas nie kita jlajah Langkawi Island plak k. Leh snggah umh Ru. Nk sgt kwn2 aka "FAMILY" Ru dtg ke umh Ru yg xsberapa nie, yg xdak ppe.. Huhuhu!! =)

p/s : gmbar xdpt d'uplOad wat smntara wktu cOz smua gmbar xdk kt Ru. Nti Ru ambik, Ru uplOad kn k.. Sbar sbhagian drp Iman... =)

Your Desktop Model - Jessica Simpson Hot Wallpapers

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Picture Wallpapers - Jessica Simpson

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Download Dil Bole Hadippa Songs - Bollywood Movie

Download The Latest Upcoming New Movie Dil Bole Hadippa Songs - Upcoming New Bollywood Movie - Complete Songs Download for free

Dil Bole Hadippa Songs

Bipasha Basu HQ Professional Photo Session For Upcoming New Movie Pankh

Bipasha Basu HQ Professional Photo Session For Upcoming New Movie PankhBipasha Basu, one of the Bollywood Heroines has gone for Professional Photo Session for her upcoming new movie Pankh. This Bollywood Movie is reported to be based on he case of child actor Ahsaas Channa, who’s apparently a girl passed off as a boy in movies like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Vaastu Shastra.

Snake In the Toilet - Funny Candid Camera Video

Funny Candid Camera Video

Funny Candid Camera Video

Direct Download Games - Burger Shop 2 - Make Food Fast

This You find yourself in a dumpster with a bump on your head, your restaurants boarded up, and no memory of how any of it happened. Now in Burger Shop 2 you must rebuild your restaurant empire, adding new twists to your menu to entice new customers while uncovering the truth about what happened to you.

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Kim Kardashian With Blonde Hair Color Professional Photo Session

Kim Kardashian Blonde Color Makeover Photo ShootJessica Alba got blonde hair color a week back and now Kim Kardashian has also went blonde. According to the sources The naturally raven-haired socialite underwent a style tranformation, topped off with lightened honey blonde locks, at a NYC salon.But I personally like her in her natural hair color.

Naughty Old Woman - Funny Video

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