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Insert Youtube videos in PowerPoint presentations

Everyone likes to make cool and unique presentations. You can make your presentations unique by inserting some cool youtube videos related to your project. But how to do that?? Here we have the answer.You can easily embed youtube videos in your PowerPoint Presentations by installing this plugin.

microsoft powerpoint presentation

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Insert Youtube videos in PowerPoint presentations

Touch Me Not - Cute Baby Video

Boyz are always getting on girls check out this cute baby video.

Baby Video

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Touch Me Not - Cute Baby Video

Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone US December 2009

After seeing the shots of the backstage, here finally comes the high rate photography of Rolling Stones Magazine dedicated to Taylor Lautner. He is the cover star for the December 2009 issue of the magazine.

Amrita Rao New Photo Shoot

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao is making good use of her new makeover in her latest photo shoot. The normally clean cut, girl next door, Amrita Rao is turning heads with her bold makeover. However she is looking good in all types of looks.

amrita rao

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Amrita Rao New Photo Shoot

~sick & raya~

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm sick..!! Ak nk demam!! Ak slesema!! Ak skit tekak!! Itulah kdaan ak skrang nie.. Huhu~ Adehhh!!! =(

Sngguh sksa btOi lar.. Dh lar sOk dh nk RAYA AIDILADHA.. Huhu~ Nie gara2 ak mkan byk sgt drian lar nie.. Nasib bdan!! Huhuhu~

Wlaupon sOk dh nk raya, tp ak xrsa pOn lngsung.. Nth lar.. Xnk tlis pjg, xlrat dh.. Huhu~ Juz wanna wish all Muslimin & Muslimat SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA.. May ALLAH bless us all the time, amin...

Funny Video - How To Celebrate

Celebrate.... People do something when they are in happy mode for enjoyment normally when they win something or achieve their goal. Now check out this guy, he really knows how to celebrate... But wait watch the full video clip and see whats he is celebrating for. Awesome Funny Video.

funny video

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Funny Video - How To Celebrate

Tips on Nutrition and Building Muscle

Building Muscle

Good nutrition is important. Healthy people will exhibit each of these things. Good nutrition involves consuming a variety of foods in appropriate amounts. No one food provides all the substances the body needs (nutrients) for good health: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and many others. Good nutrition needs involves making healthy food choices. A regular exercise program is also important to good health.

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Tips on Nutrition and Building Muscle

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Here we go, once again Victoria’s Secret angels get together and comes out in new style for the Fashion Show 2009. The designs the world-known company presented this year were fabulous. The Angels showed off themselves a lot, the sets they were wearing were the most perfect anyone had ever seen.

victoria secret franchise

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Homemade Hair Care Treatments

Beautify your hair from root to tip. Whether you have straight, curly, dry or oily hair you'll find an easy to make shampoo or conditioner. Discover the difference homemade makes.

Online Shooting Games - Pistol Traning

Practice your aiming skills with 3 types of pistol. You need to be skillful to advance through all three levels.

Online Shooting Games

Funny Video about Future Technologies

The Future is very near. The technology will change every thing. We will be utilitzing technology at its most. We just to move our finger and ...... Check out this video clip.

funny video

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Last few days sblOm ak blik kg, mmg d'best lar.. Ak btOi2 enjOy ggler the time with bdak2 Za'ba lar.. Aftr a week ak abis xm, last2 day nie lar yg ak enjoy sskan ggler.. huhu!! Al-mklm lah, dh rmai yg abis xm last2 week nie kn..

18/12/2009 (Rabu)

Mlmnya ak + PAK CIK JAT + ABG PEJAL + ECANG + KAK AMAL bjaya mnggegarkan KFC dkt UM tue.. Actlly prncangn nie 3-4 ari awai dh. Alhmdllah, jdi gk mlm tue.. Bbkal kn smngat klpran (ye ker..??) kmi bjya bjln kki mnghrngi kglpan mlm mnuju ke KFC. Hehe!! =).. Dh lma gler kOt kmi xlepaking KFC bsma. Last time bln pOse ari tue kOt. Huhu!! Mcm2 cter yg d lOntarkan.. Hohoho~ =P

Balik tue lepaking plk kt cafe kolej ngn ABG BIG + FATIN + JUWIR.. Adehh!! Mcm2 bnda yg blaku, smpai nk pcah prut ak glak.. Hohoho!! Thanks tO them fOr the night..

19/12/2009 (Khamis)

Kuar g Mid ngn PAK CIK JAT + ECANG + KAK AMAL.. Smlm FATIN & JUWIR ajk g Mid cOz diOrng nk blnja bOwling & mkn2.. Mna leh lpaskn pluang emas nie.. Hehe!! Kt bOwling, tsrempak ngn ABG PEJAL.. Apa lgi, jOin lar kmi smua.. Agnda b'men bOwling pOn bmula, 2 games.. Mcm2 aksi yg blaku, pnat ak nk glaknya.. Hnya kmi2 jer yg tahu =)

abg pejal + pak cik jat + me

fatin + juwir + ecang + kak amal

Ppe pOn, game 1st ak mnang ngn ktpan mata 104.. 2nd game ABG PEJAL plk mnang dgn 106 pOint.. Ala, bgi chan je tue.. Wakakaka!! =P

Then, g mkn pizza yg msih lgi d sppOrt oleh FATIN + JUWIR.. DiOrng actllly bru jer msuk JPA nyer bsswa, sbb tue lar byk det nk blnja kami smua nie.. Hoho! Rzeki3!! =)..

Mmndangkn sOk nya adalah besday KAK AMAL, sO kmi smua mrncang nk wat sprise utk KAK AMAL.. Mlmnya kmi smbut besday KAK AMAL kt tepi cOurt futsal.. Mmg terbaikkkkkkkkk!! Join skali adalah DIBAH & kembar dia DILAH.. Eh2, lpa plak.. KAK IZZAH & JOHN pon ada.. Besday KAK AMAL plk sme date ngn besday ABG BIG.. Wahhhhhh!! Mmg lgi terbaikkkkkkk lar... Hohoho~ So, sma2 lar kta raikan..

besday kek.. nyum2!!

kak Amal 21th

abg Big 22th Or 23th..?? Lpa plk
hohoho~ =P

zum Geburtstag viel Glück
zum Geburtstag viel Glück
zum Geburtstag liebe kak Amal & lieber abg Big
zum Geburtstag viel Glück...

p/s : thanks a lot to Fatin & Juwir cOz suppOrt everythings...

20/12/2009 (Jumaat)

Aftr sOlat Jmaat, prncangan kuar g ngn owg yg sma iaitu PAK CIK JAT + ECANG + KAK AMAL g kL Sentral.. Motif adalah utk tman KAK AMAL bli tket train blik ButterwOrth... Mlas sgt nk g mna2, kmi juz lepaking jer kt McD kL Sentral. Bestnya KAK AMAL blnja McD.. Wow!! Terbaikkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Hehehe!! Thanks a lot KAK AMAL......

Mlmnya smbung plk lgi lepaking kt IS.. Lepaking last night ktakan, sOk smua owg dh nk blik ke kg msing2.. Huhuhu~ Smpai 3-4am jgk lar lepaking bwh tue smpai t'tdoq2.. Huhuhu~ Ppe pOn, mmg d'best lar...

So, tO all yg t'libat spnjang 3 ari b'trut2 nie, gOnna say thanks a lot frOm bOttOm Of my heart lar cOz criakan last2 day ak tue.. Korng mmg d'bOom lar.. Hohoho!! Cayang kOrng smua... ~blushing3x~ =P

c u guys next sem.. Chow chin chOw!!!

Windows 7 Hidden Regional Themes

Windows 7 has many hidden themes in it. It provides location specific themes to users. Users get access to themes according to the information provided at the time of installation.It has 5 different set of Windows 7 themes for different countries.

Abhishek in Funny Commercial for Motorola

Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachan perfroming in different act and every time he starts dancing ... Funny.. Check out why?

Kim Kardashian Saturday Night December 2009

American socialite Kim Kardashian done a photo shoot for the entertainment magazine Saturday Night for their December 2009 issue. Kardashian has certainly kept herself busy these past years. Love her or hate her, there’s no arguing that these days Kim Kardashian is everywhere.

Aishwarya Rai poses for Longines - Photos

Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan poses for a picture during a promotional event for a watch company in Mumbai

Dangerous Terrorist - Don't Watch if you have a weak heart

It you can bare only then just watch this video otherwise watch it on your own risk.It is recomended that people who have weak heart don't watch this video clip.

Robert Pattinson GQ Australia November 2009

Men’s magazine GQ Australia celebrates their 10-year anniversary with Robert Pattison as he is on the cover page of their November 2009 issue. GQ Australia named him one of the most iconic men of the past decade, alongside Barack Obama. Not bad for a self-confessed “chubby-looking guy” who was largely unknown 12 months ago.

Urvashi Sharma Hot Lingerie Photoshoot for Man’s World

One of the hottest Bollywood actresses Urvashi Sharma recently shot for a popular men’s magazine. Urvashi shot for Man’s World Magazine. The specialty of the photo shoot was that she was seen sporting her perfect body wearing lingerie. Looks like Urvashi is all set to drive men crazy with her latest bikini photoshoot for Man’s World Magazine. Check out Urvashi Sharma’s daring Bikini Photo shoot for Man’s World Magazine in the photo gallery below:


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Aku psrah ssgt... Aku kcewa ssgt... Tp ak xbrpa nk sedih ssgt.. Sbb per..?? Mmmmmmm.. Sbb smlm ak dh tahu rsult final xm German ak bgi sem 1 nie.. Arghhhhhhhh!!! Hnya 1 dpt ku ktakan, WORST OF EVER..!! Huhuhu~

Actlly ak dh dpt rsa yg rsult pper German ak nie truk ggler cOz.... Ntah lar.. I felt like that b4.. Bla ak g check smlm, pala Otak ak trus blur smcm...

I know, it's my mistake.. But siyes ak ckap, sjak ak blik dri German, sjak ak msuk UM, sjak ak bljar German kt UM, interest ak thdap sbjek German dh kurang, dh smkin pudar, dh smkin nk hlang. That why, mlm nk xm German tue, ak xambk siyes ssgt.. Dh r nie pper MAJOR ak.. Huhuhu~

Xtahu r.. Ak pk bOut diz byk ssgt.. But my friends tOld me, dOnt wOrry tO much. Next tyme i shOuld dO the best. Focus On what shOuld i dO.. But is there a next time..??? Huhuhu~ Ppe pOn, thanks a lot tO my friends yg sppOrt me everytime.. Huhu~

p/s : we dOn't always get what we want

Funny Punjabi Movie in English - Bashira in Trouble

funny videos

This is an old video clip from a Pakistani Comedy show 50/50. The main theme of this skit is that if a Punjabi Movie is converted into English what would be the outcome. Really funny

Timberland Boot Company 2009 Fall - Winter Collection

Timberland Boot Company is different that Timberland with manufacturing and materials used, similarities end at the name. The construction, comfort, detail and finish for a work boot durability with materials of a dress boot…I like the fall lines better than the spring, and the boots are a must.

Men Of The Year GQ US December 2009

December 2009 issue of men magazine GQ US is the magazine’s “Men of the Year” issue and they’re celebrating with multiple covers. Badass of the Year Clint Eastwood,Breakout of the Year Chris Pine, Comeback of the Year Tom Brady, Funnymen of the Year The Hangover Guys and Leader of the Year Barack Obama.

Funny Pakistani Actress Meera's English

Funny Video

, the beautiful actress of Pakistan film industry. She was hired to host a show and also to speak to in english. She has connected an earphone device in her right ear and a guy on the other side is teaching her how and what to speak.

Watch Now

Olivia Wilde Glamour Spain November 2009

American actress Olivia Wilde pose for the fashion magazine Glamour Spain for the month of November 2009. She worked with top fashion photographer Antonio Terron and Thomas Matil for this photo shoot.

Lara Dutta Elle India November 2009

Mistress of the Universe Lara Dutta is in the new power list of fashion world. She is the cover star of the fashion magazine Elle India for the month of November 2009. She shares her dreams with magazine along with frequent fits of infectious laughter. Her ultimate goal is not acquiring meaty movie roles, but opening her own ranch some day. Happy to not be a far of Bollywood rat race.


Abis xm pOn leh tensen gk yek.. Tnsen cOz B.O.R.I.N.G... Huhuhu!!! Stay kt kOlej pOn still boring, blik umh pOn boring.. Adehhh!! What shOuld i dO hah..?? =(

Mmmm... Nk kuar jln2 pOn susah.. 1st ak xdak trnspOrt (mOtO lar).. Nek tksi g Mid yg dkt nie pOn dh kna charge arOund RM6-7.. 2nd ak xdak teman.. Xkn nk kuar sOrng2, bek ak dOk blik sOrng2.. 3rd hri2 always hujan.. Wat kn ak xleh nk mlkukan ppe aktvti n malas kcuali ngdap lptOp, men tenet, tgOk mOvie, tdOq.. Huhu!! Arghhhhhhh..!!!

Mmmmmmmm.. Ak dh buntu..!! Mmber2 ak, bntu lah ak.. Ajk lar ak kuar g mna2.. Huhuhu!! Dsperate tOi.. Hohoho!!

"berkOrban" again...

Jeng3x!!! Pnas utk pOst kli ini... hehe!! mmg kOrng bkal tgzut bsar lar.. hahaha!! =P


Ini pOtong rmbut mmg btOi2 ptOng nyer.. Tiada lgi brambut pjg.. Tiada lgi brambut ala2 pOmpuan... Tiada lgi krisauan di otak psai rmbut.. Hahaha!! =)

Tnggal 7hb/11/2009 (Sabtu) btmpat di Mid Valley, kL pda jam 4.15pm, mka tkOrban lar jua rmbut ku yg pjg itu (xpjg cm dlu2 lar).. Ak xtau nape ttba ak b'azam nk ptOng cmtue.. Aftr dscuss ngn ssOrng, ak bsmngat nk ptOng.. Ptg tue ak mbrani kn dri lar.. Bmnit2 jgk lar ak tgok kdai gnting rmbut tue.. Tkut jer nk msuk.. Wakakaaa!! Thanks tO................... =)..

Mmg ak TERAMAT BERPUAS HATI dgn style rmbut ak skrang nie. Kmas + smart.. WlaupOn ak still xbesa lgi kn. Malu2.. Wakakaka!! =P.. Dh bbrpa ari nie, kOmen yg ak trima mmg sgt2 mmuaskan n +ve... Hoho!! Ttba nk bngga kan.. Ish3x!!! =P..

Mlas lar nk stOri2 kt kOrng pjg2 dh.. Yg xtgOk lgi tue msti xsbar nk tgOk cmner rpa ak nOo.. sO, this is the result.. kOrng tgOk lar puas2.. Hahaha!! =)

p/s : apa kOmen anda..?? hehe!! =)

Relieve Stress at Work

How To Relieve Stress At Work

It may seem next to impossible to find time to relieve stress at work, but a few well-spent minutes can dramatically increase your productivity, enjoyment and health.

stress health

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Relieve Stress at Work

Best Camera Phone - Sony Ericsson C510

Sony Ericsson has launched its latest cybershot camera phone. The best part is that the company has provided this mid range phone along with all standard feature of a high-end cybershot Sony C510.It’s having 2.2 inches screen that delivers 240 x 320 pixels resolution, displays 256k colors on its beautiful TFT screen and weighs just 92 grams.

Aishwarya Rai Glenstar Photo Shoot


Erkkk..?? What happend..?? Kenapakah..?? Why..?? Warum..?? Porke..??? Hohoho!!!

Actlly, sjer nk m'bngga kn dri sndri dgn mberitahu kpd smua Org bhawa ak tlah HABIS EXAM..!! Wakakakaaa!! From 2hb-9hb, mka tmat lar sdah pjuangan ak utk sem 1 nie di UM.. Yes2!!! Awao gler abisssss.. Cian kt sspa yg abis 18hb dkt2 20hb tuee.. Hehe!! Jgn mrahhhh..!!! Stadi2!! Hoho!! =P

Stlah 5 pper ak tmpuhi utk sem 1 nie, apa kOmen ak yekkk exam pper nie.. 1st time ak ambik xm kt U & btapa xcited nya ak.. ~lalalaaa =)

Exam : Hubungan Etnik (HE)
Date : 2hb/11/2009
Komen : No kOmen.. hehe!!

Exam : Kemahiran Maklumat (KM)
Date : 4hb/11/2009
Komen : mmmm.. tiada kOmen =P

Exam : Pengantar Linguistik
Date : 5hb/11/2009
Komen : kein Komentar =)

Exam : Bahasa German (Major)
Date : 6hb/11/2009
Komen : nk jwb nO komen lgi leh x..?? hehe!!

Exam : Falsafah & Pendidikan di Msia
Date : 9hb/11/2009
Komen : hahhhh!!! yg nieeeeeee.. ttap tiada kOmen =P

Wakakakaka!!! =P.. kOrng jgn mrah yekk.. Mmg nOoOoOo kOmen lar utk smua pper xm ak tuee.. Yg ak tahu ak dh wat sehabis baik n stakat yg ak mampu. Skrang ak hnya bserah kpd Dia yg Maha Berkuasa..

So, right nOw, wlaupOn ak dh abis xm dah, ak mrancang utk still lepaking di kOlej arOund a week ++.. Why..?? Sbb ak mlas blik umh awai2. Blik umh pOn ak xwat per jgk.. Hoho!! Lgi pOn ak juz balik Nilai N9 jer.. Xjauh mna pOn.. Hoho!! =).. Tp........ Aktviti per ak nk wat dlm a week ++ tue..?? Ohhh!! Ak xmahu mti kebOrngan, asyik ngadap lptOp men tenet tgOk mOvie.. Huhu!! =P

~~dimana cinta~~

Erkkk..?? Tajuk post yg bestttttt... Hohoho!!! Actlly ttba ak t'addcted ngn 1 sOng nie frOm Bee Voice - Dimana Cinta, OST Begitulah Cinta.. Korng tahu x..??

Dulu2 tyme ak fOrm brpa ntah, ada kt TV3 cter lestary ari slasa jam 9pm tajuk Begitulah Cinta. Gabungan plakon2 Indon & Msia.. Cter dia cmner erkk..? Mmmmm... Ada lar 2 Owg cewek indOn nie (kembar) dOk ngn family diOrng kt Msia. 2-2 seiras dOwh & cun. Tp 1 lmbut skit & 1 lgi gnas. Yg lmbut msuk U, yg gnas nie msuk ala2 fOrm6 gtuee.. Then mcm2 lar prstwa blaku, bila diOrng change place, yg ganas g U, yg lmbut g skOl.. Kwn2 diOrng xtahu yg diOrng nie kmbar.. Hohoho!! Jiran diOrng (si Danny X-FactOr) pon xtahu diOrng kembar. Hahaha!! Lawak2..!!

So, ak try cari diz sOng cOz nk dOwnload.. Tp mlangnya mmg xdak r. Song nie mcm diOrng xuplOad lam tenet. Sedih2!!! Huhuhu!! So, just dapat pOst lirik jer lar.. Huhu!! =(

Bee Voice
Dimana Cinta

Dimana dimanakah cinta ku cari,
Cinta tak mungkin aku beli,
Tak mungkin juga aku curi...

Uooh... Uoohh, dimana cinta yg selalu membuat hati,
Penasaran ingin memiliki,
Untuk minta ku tak berani...

Kata orang cinta itu,
Dari mata turun ke hati,
Namun tak ku temukan jua cinta itu...

Lama-lama bisa gila,
Ku lelah dan putus ada,
Bantulah ku cari dimanakah cinta...

Ternyata cinta ada di dalam hati kita,
Tak perlu jauh mencarinya,
Cinta itu ada selamanya,
Di hati kitaaa...

Dimana cinta...
Dimana cinta...

p/s : nie link klu kOrng nk dgr lgu nie http://www.imeem.com/people/BTAey7/music/CyjrlF7W/bee-voice-di-mana-cinta/

p/s : klu kOrng jmpa lgu nie n dpt dOwnlOad, cpt2 gtau ak k.. huhuhu!! =P

Pakistan Fashion Week 2009

With paramilitary Rangers deployed to prevent terrorist attacks on the host hotel, Pakistani Fashion Designers and models challenged firebrand mullahs and Taliban insurgents Wednesday by staging the country's first "Fashion Week" in Karachi .

Fashion Models pranced down the catwalk in couture fashion that was elegant, racy and indelibly Pakistani, a riot of colorful style and a show of women's flesh that's considered scandalous in this conservative Muslim country.


See More Fashion Collection on

Pakistan Fashion Week 2009

Exotic Car - Car Wallpaper

Download some High Quality Car Pictures for your Desktop Wallpaper.

Blake Lively - Photo Shoot for Marie Claire Magazine (December 2009)

Blake Lively gave this whole spiel about her fashion sense in photo shoot for the December issue of Marie Claire:

"Living in New York, I feel stronger and more like a woman than ever before. In high school, it was like, what power do I have -- I have long blonde hair, you know? But working as hard as I do now, I feel a sense of power and respect, too. And I’ve learned an incredible amount about fashion on "Gossip Girl". Clothes are a personal expression, and my style is as ever-changing as I am: I’m growing, maturing, developing, I’m going through new things in my life, and with that, what I choose to wear changes."

t'emO again... T_T

life is not always wonderful
full of sorrows
full of pains
full of tears...

i need to be strong enough
to face the realities
to accept the facts
even though i really know
it's gonna hurt...

everything had change
time make it change
it's different right now
it's doesn't seen like before
why should it change after...??

i really don't expect
it's gonna happen
but right now
at this time
it's done...

may ALLAH bless me all the time...

p/s : ohhh~ t'emo mlm nie.. soo sowie to my readers...