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cOllapse (-_-!!

OMG.!! (-_-!!
my blOg is already like "sarang labah" u know
or in the other word, "bersawang"
hehehehe~ =)

because of this hectic life
i didn't have time to update update and update
(or i'm too lazy) (@_@)/
siyesly, u guys miss me, right??
hehehehe~ =)

many things have happened since the last post
wanna know about it.?
jommmmmmm...!!! \(^_^)/


"Kursus Pemantapan Diri Pembantu Mahasiswa (PM)" for all the calon PM began..
conducted by fasi2, so ok lar.. tetttttt..!!
from 5.30am till 12am
but proceed to meeting till 1am
hohohoho~ a long2 day
really tired but enjoy
no stress2 k.. hehehe~

10/05/2010 - 13/05/2010

"Gerak Kerja PM" began...
divided by 5 biro
luckily i got "BIRO AKADEMIK"
(akademik sgtttttttttttt..!!)
don't have much works to do (right now)
after this........
don't know...... (-_-!!

wake up early in the morning
Subuh of course at surau (if not, denda lar)
6.30am exercise time
as PM need a lot of stamina
(physical and mental strength)
then breakfast's coming
9am - 12pm (Gerak Kerja for MHS)
12pm - 2pm (lunch + rest time)
2pm - 4.30pm (continue Gerak Kerja MHS)
4.30pm (pray + siap2 kn diri)
5pm - 6.30pm (riadah time)
6.30pm (hungry2, nyum2!! dinner2!!)
7.30pm (surau time, b'jemaah)
9pm - 11pm (continue Gerak Kerja MHS)
11pm - 12am (practice the cheers, warming2 up)
then rest time lar
and the next day is same schedule
(-_-!! collapse

14/05/2010 - 16/05/2010

Kem Latihan PM Bahagian HEP
first 2 days was at science faculty
don't want say much
just God knows.........
and the last day was at Amberstone Camp, Ulu Yam
quiet nice and very enjoy
but very2 tired.. collapse..........

Za'ba's PM 2010/2011

won the "Inovasi Terbaik"

17/05/2010 - 30/05/2010

we had 2 weeks holiday
went back to Bandaraya Yan after a long time
hahahaha~ nobody knows
but nothing interesting happened

31/05/2010 - (MHS) 04/07/2010

Gerak Kerja MHS is back
no more holiday
no more rest2
no more play2
serious2..!! hehehe~ =)
but somewhere somehow
i can do it

Over & Over again


Give me 5 guys!! (o_O)/\(^_^)

Finally it’s over

Finally the battle comes to the end

After a long journey I have been through

Alhamdulillah I successfully have made it

Even though I had involved in many activities

Even though my emotions were like bloody hell

I managed to do my best

I managed to beat the rest


For goodness sake I’m free right now

But just for awhile

I’ll be busy during this 2 months holiday

Still staying in Za’ba College

Attending a camp


OMG!! (-_-!!


Thinking is the best part in my life

Thinking makes me realize that I’m still human

Thinking is a special gift from God,

to us as a human being

So what I’m thinking right now?

I’m thinking of my life

What have I done? What do I do? What will I do?

A lot of things have happened since I’m alive

They taught me everything

To be strong, sometime weak

To live happily ever after or sad forever

Even though I’m glad to have this feeling

Because without it, I’m nothing

Just like a stone or a wall, feel nothing...

Then I’m thinking of U

When I see U, I try to hide this feeling

I’m pretending nothing happen

Maybe U are hurt inside,

what I have done before

Maybe U thinks I was playing with your feeling

But seriously I never have intention to do that

I didn’t know what I wanted

I was afraid; either this feeling is true or not

After a long time I thought

After a long time I have tried to understand

I am pretty sure, it’s true

But it’s already too late

I’d gave up the chance that I’d before

I never ask U

because if it’s true……………

i am just asking for your forgiveness

please forgive me SS...

Someone told me

“Fight for it if u really want it”

But I never want to fight

I am happy if people, who I care, are also happy

I am going to let it go

It doesn’t mean that I give up

I am who I am….


p/s : thanks to them who help me to improve

i'm loving it

I’m still awake but not studying

Still b’facebooking and b’blogging

For a moment I keep thinking

Thinking of something far away from here…

I just heard people talked in English

I love the way they talked

And it makes me wondering of my MUET Speaking this Monday

I have some unnamed feeling


Because I have this unnamed feeling, can I do it?

I never used to speak English before

I mean not always, not all the time

But MUET does make me realized

how useful and important English is

That’s why I decided to learn more about English

It’s still not too late for me to learn something new, right?

If we always have an interest in it

we can do anything what we want

People out there, help me if u can

Together we stand

And together we help each other…