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elisabetta canalis

elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis - Pictures
  • Elisabetta Canalis - Pictures

  • bobindashadows
    Jan 7, 08:56 PM

    no link yet. curious.


    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis (born 12
  • Elisabetta Canalis (born 12

  • MacRumors
    Nov 19, 11:41 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/11/19/steve-jobs-t-j-maxx-not-an-authorized-ipad-retailer/)

    Yesterday, discount department store chain T.J. Maxx and its sister chain Marshalls made headlines (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/11/18/t-j-maxx-offering-16-gb-wi-fi-ipads-for-399/) with their offer of 16 GB Wi-Fi iPads for $399.99, a $100 discount from Apple's regular prices.


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  • Tags: Elisabetta Canalis

  • AndyH17
    Jan 4, 09:55 PM
    Does anyone have a good setup for some recording of paramore tracks? i'm recording Hallelujah for a project at college.

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis seemed
  • Elisabetta Canalis seemed

  • CrAkD
    Apr 30, 04:28 PM
    Anyone get one of these working yet?


    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis
  • Elisabetta Canalis

  • zen.state
    Mar 27, 01:36 PM
    Would you recommend any of the cleaning compounds to remove the old thermal paste or can I just give it a scrub?

    Several suppliers sell a kit of arctic silver 5 & cleaner like this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Arctic-Silver-5-ArctiClean-Thermal-remover-puri-/160548177539?pt=Computing_ComputerComponents_Fans_Heatsinks_SR&hash=item25616ac683#ht_1338wt_1141


    In my experience paste can easily be whipped off without cleaner. On the CPU itself I use my finger after touching metal to ground myself. I don't trust chemical cleaners on my computer components no matter how good they claim to be. One wipe with each of about 3 fingers gets it all off. Make sure you wash your hands before and after doing that.

    For the heatsink I would use a kleenex made just slightly damp with warm water. The dampness should be so minimal that you can't even squeeze one drop out of it. If any faint bits are left on the chip itself you can use the same barley damp kleenex technique. Do both with the kleenex folded into a small square and be sure to use very little force on the CPU. I have been doing exactly this for years.

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis - 2 Flash
  • Elisabetta Canalis - 2 Flash

  • bigrobb
    Apr 3, 03:21 PM
    here is my macbook one


    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis - sexy pics
  • Elisabetta Canalis - sexy pics

  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 6, 11:52 AM
    Only in this one:


    LOL - using a thunderbolt drive powered with 1.21 GigaWatts

    ...from an external made by WD no-less :)

    LOL From Amazon...

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis Bikini
  • Elisabetta Canalis Bikini

  • ranviper
    Feb 1, 12:02 PM
    Clean Black & Red

    Whoa whoa whoa, how'd you do that apple in the menu bar? Me likey.

    ps, like ur icons too. have a link?


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  • See All Elisabetta Canalis

  • Soreo
    Jun 22, 04:10 PM

    Way to completely (for lack of a batter term) blue-ball everyone...

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis Pictures
  • Elisabetta Canalis Pictures

  • Melrose
    Feb 1, 12:13 PM
    I have been beyond busy this past year, and haven't been able to post my guitart desktops, something I tried to do monthly.

    So here's hitting back with a bang and making up for the missed months


    I was just wondering if you were going to post new snaps of your strings. Thx! :)


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  • Elisabetta Canalis 26 jpg

  • zorinlynx
    Apr 5, 09:36 PM
    Makes me wonder how much more awesome iOS would be as a platform if Apple wouldn't try to artificially segment their product lines like this. :P

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis sexy
  • Elisabetta Canalis sexy

  • ct-scan
    Sep 27, 10:27 AM
    I think it does look nice. I just hope this is include in Leopard server as well. I would love to run my own mail server with this type of webmail interface.

    I currently use the built-in Squirrelmail...and while it works for my users, this interface is would be much closer to what they're looking for.
    (Not that us sysadmin really care that much about users :D )


    elisabetta canalis. ELISABETTA CANALIS tattoo

  • Liquorpuki
    Apr 12, 11:52 AM

    Mods, please delete

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis at Paris
  • Elisabetta Canalis at Paris

  • simsaladimbamba
    Mar 30, 06:05 PM
    Strangely MacRumors makes threads automatically when a news story is released: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1128250


    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis (8 pics
  • Elisabetta Canalis (8 pics

  • aaagat111
    Oct 6, 12:28 AM
    New for this month:

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  • Elisabetta Canalis Image

  • JRoDDz
    Apr 6, 01:59 PM
    So you can get a 1TB hard drive for $80.... 12,000 of those.... not that big of an expenditure tbf.

    960,000$ a drop in the bucket for Apple.


    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta Canalis
  • Elisabetta Canalis

  • WildCowboy
    Oct 21, 06:53 AM
    Nice...I've always loved that line in the license.

    elisabetta canalis. Elisabetta-Canalis-i160720
  • Elisabetta-Canalis-i160720

  • eastercat
    Apr 27, 12:56 PM
    Whether there was good intent or not, I'm just thankful I installed untrackerd from Cydia; it continuously wipes the location file. JB FTW!

    elisabetta canalis. Meet Elisabetta Canalis, she
  • Meet Elisabetta Canalis, she

  • Wiggleforce
    Sep 1, 10:54 AM

    http://uppix.net/2/8/3/8d80e216336ae2398952d10b5dc14tt.jpg (http://uppix.net/2/8/3/8d80e216336ae2398952d10b5dc14.html)

    Awsome interface you don't want so share? Orginal wallpaper, dock and icon links, please?

    Apr 30, 07:15 PM
    Wait a minute, let me just put my music in my castle.

    Apr 7, 07:20 PM
    Why is this getting more positive votes? I thought people who come here don't like good news like the previous stories? /s :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Apr 7, 09:04 AM
    I got a weird bug. Sometimes my albums in the photos app go right to the top of the screen and show underneath the 'menubar' at the top so I can tap on it and open the first album in the list. If I pull it back down on the rubberband effect it still goes to the top of the screen?! I have to restart my phone for it to reset and its still hit and miss whether it works.

    I do too

    Apr 7, 11:16 PM
    Overpriced. These games are ancient and most of them don't offer much gameplay at all. Plus it cost atari essentially nothing to put this app out. If they made it $0.99 for the hundred pack then it'd be no-brainer, we'd buy it just for the nostalgia alone. I could conceivably see paying up to $4.99 for the hundred pack for the very small handful of games that are actually worth playing. But $14.99 for these junky games? No way.

    p.s., I'm not saying all old games are bad, quite the contrary, there are a lot of fantastic old games that still hold up well, but the atari era of games were especially crappy.

    There are two products:
    1. The icade
    2. The atari game

    You do not need one for the other.

    icade will be accessible by other game designers and is not limited to Atari games. Likewise, the atari games can be played without the icade.

    The price for the Atari games is not too bad and the icade will allow you to play these games and more in the future using the physical joystick and buttons.

    Feb 13, 04:36 PM
    Congrats guys. Glad to see you in there Nermal representing the antipodes :p

    *SMACK!* :eek: :D