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  • chainprayer
    Feb 11, 12:52 AM
    Where can I find other distributed computing groups? I am interested in helping somebody but am not sure how many groups there are out there.


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  • love quotes in spanish

  • wrldwzrd89
    Nov 29, 08:29 PM
    Hand barake is a great ripping tool but does anyone know of a free app to condense a dvd so that it can fit on a single 4.7 gb dvd?
    Handbrake can do that too, in case you didn't know.

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  • skunk
    May 4, 04:55 PM
    Many forum members here in the past have claimed that these methods also fall under the classification of torture, so what if information obtained using these methods led to the death of O.B.L.?It would simply indicate a failure of intelligence, and would invalidate any trial evidence. His death is meaningless anyway.
    As for the poster who asked what has been gained by his death, its called retribution.Who wants retribution? Your country has just destroyed two other nations and caused the deaths of in the region of a million people, including 4,000 US soldiers, and more or less bankrupted itself, all for what, 3,000 dead, in a search for one man? Is that retribution, or is it lunacy? How many more people now want retribution on the USA?

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  • MaxBurn
    May 5, 04:13 PM
    Look up DFU mode on youtube, do that and then restore it.

    Or you can give it to me. I like toys.


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  • jkdsteve
    May 2, 12:30 PM
    The *only* thing I care about is whether or not it's all fully functional on Snow Leopard....from what I've seen of Lion so far, do not want :-(

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  • dernhelm
    Sep 30, 10:14 PM
    My last exposure to Notes was 12 yrs ago. We hated it. After 5 yrs, my then company decided to move to Exchange to much hype that it would be a lot better.

    It wasn't. I still miss the days of Notes. I've since moved on to two different companies, each of whom have used Exchange. Not once has the Exchange implementation been any better than I remember Notes being more than 7 years previous.

    But I will face facts. Notes lost the battle - it is a dead platform for all intents and purposes. As went 1-2-3, so went Notes. It's a shame really because Exchange/Outlook is so terrible, that you'd think anyone with a modicrum of experience could trump it without even trying really hard.

    I mean, really, do you need 80% of one of my CPU cores to look up a name in an address book? And how large does the memory footprint of an e-mail app need to be? I often have to shut down Outlook just so compiles will complete in less time. But that will never get better now, because there is no one to push them.


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  • spblat
    Mar 8, 08:25 PM
    It's not clear to me *why* it goes on sale at 5 PM, it's just clear that's how it's going to happen. I expect Apple store employees to direct iPad 2 buyers to a line which will start getting serviced at 5.

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  • Digitaljim
    Dec 4, 09:25 PM
    There are multiple Tom Cruises... Uh... sorry bout that but two of those guys are way overrated imho. Clones of meager talent.

    The real talent are in the underground. Thought of Joey Lauren Adams or some dude like Asheru or Cut Chemist?

    Sorry - i wasn't in any way trying to talk up Tom Cruise/Jay-Z's talents! Both are quite awfully mediocre IMO.

    My point was simply an economic one: a project with Jay-Z's name attached will undoubtedly bring in millions more than one with Cut Chemist. Hence the massively different fees.


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  • puckhead193
    Nov 11, 08:56 PM
    A survey of A.C.E. members (American Cinema Editors), who mainly work on 'Hollywood' TV shows and movies, taken around the same time showed that about 80% of members used Avid while about 10% used FCP.

    Is there a reason why so many use Avid over FCP?

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  • acearchie
    Nov 12, 05:13 AM
    A survey of A.C.E. members (American Cinema Editors), who mainly work on 'Hollywood' TV shows and movies, taken around the same time showed that about 80% of members used Avid while about 10% used FCP.


    Just out of interest what do the other 10% use?


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  • basesloaded190
    Mar 31, 10:17 AM
    Very Cool demo. Really shows off the true horsepower of the Ipad as well

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  • Laird Knox
    Apr 6, 03:34 PM
    Mine was 10MB ... and people told me I was wasting money since a second floppy drive (5 1/4) would be more than enough (one to boot the OS, one for the data).

    Hehe, I once partitioned a 20MB drive into 24 partitions but that was for testing purposes.

    I also bought a 100MB drive for $1100 and a 32MB SIMM for the same price. Sometimes I cry when I think back. ;)


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  • miscend
    Mar 25, 03:09 PM
    Is he the reason OS X has such bad opengl support?
    I guess OSX just wasn't meant for gaming/serious 3D graphics work.

    It's amazing that Core Audio/Core Midi is better than anything on Windows. But they can't do a great graphics API like Direct X or better Open GL implementation.

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  • wilheldp
    Apr 28, 07:26 AM
    Dude... if you're dropping 90% of your calls on the iPhone 3G then you should have talked to AT&T. They would have given you a personal cell tower to fix your signal issue. Your iPhone has nothing to do with your poor signal strength.

    The reason I drop so many calls is that most of my phone calls are made on the drive home from work and AT&T has several dead zones along that drive. It's not like I'm out in the boonies, either. I'm never more than a couple of miles away from an interstate.

    The thing that pisses me off more than anything is the fact that I'll look at the phone immediately after dropping the call and see 3-4 bars of 3G signal. I think AT&T's towers are just overloaded or poor quality. I'm well aware that it isn't the phone's fault, which is why I want to switch to Verizon. But I refuse to pay to switch to a new carrier just to get a phone that is 10 months old and has a well-known problem with its antenna. Not to mention the fact that almost every other manufacturer will have a 4G compatible phone by the time Apple gets around to producing one.

    I don't want to lock in a 2 year contract on already obsolete technology.


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  • Consultant
    May 2, 05:06 PM
    It's all perspective. The biceps are closer to the camera than the hands. This is why, when taking pictures of fish, you always extend your arms toward the camera.

    Thanks, but hint: smily means it's a joke.

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  • Rot'nApple
    May 1, 08:45 AM
    I thought Apple folks found choice confusing? ;)

    No you heard and interpreted wrong. Apple folks love "choice", but what we find confusing is why relatively "normal" people 'choose' the non Apple products they choose?

    As an example... Want a digital music player, one buys a Zunes over an iPod... Why? Very confusing... :D


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  • DoFoT9
    Feb 4, 09:22 AM
    I decided to have a complete set of Hayden

    you lucky man! perfect :D

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  • iRobby
    Apr 25, 12:35 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    White iPhone ... The hot new accessory for females this summer.

    Excuse me, but I'm a guy with a White iPhone 3GS. As far as the new one I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 to upgrade. Color: haven't decided will decide in store side by side.

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  • Euforia
    Apr 19, 06:03 AM
    What's On Air. Tune up with your favorite music.

    Are you a music addict? Can't wait for your favorite song or band to appear on air? Don't wait a second longer!

    What's On Air app is an advanced radio player in a palm of your hand. It keeps you up-to-date with your favorite music by detecting what songs and bands are on air. Get access to thousands of internet radio stations (local and international) and take control over them!

    With What's On Air radio streams will play your preferred music only! What's On Air finds your favorite songs and bands that are currently on air, displaying only those that are about to be played or have just started. Look for your favorite music by search keys, radio stream music genre or list of artists on air. Shake your device in order to listen to the found tracks one after another.

    Can't wait no more? Activate the Instant Boost to get an extremely fast and immediate response for your searches. Missing some info about the found song? Unlock tons of data about played song or band (Full discography, Youtube videos, Wikipedia articles etc.)

    Get access to your favorite music now with What's On Air!

    http://i51.tinypic.com/34errsn.png http://i51.tinypic.com/6qfpkz.png

    * Enter up to 20 search keys to find artists and songs
    * Radar alert every time the desired song is played
    * Once-a-minute refreshing list of bands and songs on air
    * Instant Boost guarantees extremely fast app performance
    * Shake the device to listen to found tracks one after another
    * Album art of the playing song is displayed
    * Browse through tons of info about your favorite bands (discography,wikipedia, youtube, myspace, imbd, iTunes etc) or buy them directly from iTunes
    * Create the list of your favorite radio stations
    * Access to the radio websites
    * Browse through the history of listened tracks with album art
    * Multitasking (listen to the chosen radio stream or band outside the app)
    * Browse through the list of radio stations (local and international) by music genre
    * Optimized user friendly interface


    http://i51.tinypic.com/15y4wo.png http://i56.tinypic.com/ngaohj.png

    Apr 4, 12:19 PM
    I and missus are paying 150 / mo for this piece of crap network while you can get 4G with Android for 50. We're paying $2400 (over two year contract) idiot tax just to have iPhones. Unfortunately when we were signing up, there weren't much of an alternatives but now there are. I will never, ever, ever, ever, sign into anything with AT&T after this contract is over.

    Apr 18, 07:26 AM
    no worries fella, thanks for the link. I've actually found it with red pants so have stuck that on.

    Will have a nose for the cart one though.

    Ohh, my turn... do you have the link for the red pants one? haha

    Apr 29, 10:23 PM
    Anyone meeting up for the launch in the LA or SFV areas? Can't decide when or whether to go to Glendale or Sherman Oaks...

    Jan 9, 11:36 PM
    "meh" is the word that comes to mind.

    May 4, 11:55 PM
    Not sure if this is even a jb problem or not, but I'm on 4.3.2 untethered.

    Anyway yesterday my phone icon was grayed out, rebooted, was fine. Today its safari. Either way, the respective programs worked to full capability as far as I know... was just curious if anybody knows why they are grayed out/see thru/dim, or if anybody else has been experiencing too?