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  • glocke12
    May 4, 05:07 PM
    To torture a defenseless individual is sick and against human rights. To cheerlead the torture of defenseless individuals by others for your own sense of retribution is both sick and cowardly.

    So, what do you call, and how do we handle the individual(s)who planned, and helped to plan the death of 3,000 + individuals on 9/11, the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, the Bali nightclub bombings, and who knows how many more acts of terrorism?

    Can you honestly sit there and tell me that when we have in custody a high profile leader such as K.S.M. who has intricate, first hand knowledge of a terrorist organization that we should not do all that we can to obtain as much information from this person as possible? I suppose your thinking (and those of many others here) is that he should have been given a trial by jury, sent to prison, and that we had no right to try and obtain information from him?

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Apr 4, 11:39 AM
    No sir, I don't like it. No matter how you slice it, prices going up with competition going down (T-Mo buyout) only means customer gets screwed. But more importantly, I see this as a hedge for Ma Bell. (Roughly) six months prior to VZW iPhone availability/announcement, ATT hiked up ETFs. Now this. Could be that the upcoming iPhone 5 is yet another killer product in that such a move would be a stop-gap for would-be early upgraders and ATT wanting to offset that subsidy. If timing of this were an indicator like the ETFs in relation to VZW iPhone, six months from now would be quasi-in-line with rumored iPhone 5 release.

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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 17, 11:11 PM
    2.1 is the replacement rate (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_fertility_rate#Replacement_rates)

    Ponzi schemes FTW. Europe will need 20 million immigrants by 2030 and way more by 2050 in order to maintain their lifestyle, or we could be monsters and kill old people.


    That's not how civilization works. What happens is that a superior country will immigrate people from external inferior lands where necessary. Much, as you can imagine, to take over the "low end" jobs to support the "high end" workers. An early version of this is known as "slavery". Today, we just give immigrants low wages and more "freedom" albeit they still mop the floor so the CEO doesn't slip.

    It's also consistent with the idea of importing "strong slaves". Those migrant workers are often the hard workers and upper teir of thier former civilization. Because...those are the ones who make the trip and are productive enough to be allowed to stay without being weeded out.

    Later, when these "strong slaves" reproduce, it provides the country with strong genetic stock for future workers, whom some will break away from the lower classes. It doesn't matter if they are not part of the "2.1 whites". As a matter of fact, many 2.1 white rednecks trickle to the lower classes, just as super strong immigrates get to invent some of our greatest weapons.

    Furthurmore, as technology advances, "manpower" is compensated by "brainpower". Before the steam engine cycle was invented, it would take like 100 slaves to get the boat of wheat accross the ocean. Now it takes maybe one or a couple of engineers...to play cards...until something breaks.

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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Apr 8, 12:15 PM
    My boyfriends feet on the Glass floor of the CN Tower. Made him take the picture because I wouldn't open my eyes :p


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  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 30, 11:05 PM
    Castle does imply security, good code name. I'm looking forward to what MobileMe becomes.

    My Lord, they've breach the castle (http://themurkyfringe.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Battering_ram_PSF.png)! :D

    It's the Coat of Arms Colors of Death (http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/2700000/Tudor-Coat-of-Arms-king-henry-viii-2737297-545-600.jpg)! :rolleyes:


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  • reggoboy
    Apr 8, 08:41 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Good one about the pita bites :-)


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  • bigandy
    Sep 30, 12:17 PM

    a highly visible enterprise app.. pfft..

    notes is a pile of ****, the only people using it still are those way behind the curve of other good groupware apps.

    actually there are some big companies using it, and finding it fine for what they need. Prudential PLC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prudential_plc), in the UK (a large financial company) is one example.

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  • SwiftLives
    Mar 16, 09:04 AM
    What's the point of the death penalty? Does it deter people from committing murder? I think our current murder rate disputes that. I see it as nothing more than retribution. And I don't think our justice system needs to be involved in that.


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  • techlover828
    Jan 14, 12:55 PM
    posted lots of times before

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  • vi2867
    Oct 31, 10:20 AM
    How can you pre-order if the 2GB shuffle is not even on Apple's website?

    Hey, the first time saw 5G iPod, I thought, why are they talking about a 5 gig iPods, when the current iPod is 30 and 60 gigs...

    We all make that mistake when we first see that terminology...

    Tell me you didn't...


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  • Aduntu
    Apr 24, 01:08 AM
    Instead of saying how you felt, you linked to a passage from the bible. So in this case, you are letting the book do your thinking for you.

    It'd be more appropriate to say he's letting the book do the talking for him.

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  • AndrewR23
    Mar 27, 06:56 PM
    No ... a seller can't leave a negative for a purchaser. The worse he can do is file a non-payment complaint. You need a few of these before Ebay will do anything to you....

    Lets have some fun!! Lets start a bidding war and get this sucker up to $10,000,000!!! LMAO!!!

    Haha the guy took off the buy it now!


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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 21, 01:53 AM

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  • Sam21
    Jun 14, 04:08 PM
    I'll either be at Chelmsford O2 or Lakeside Apple, haven't decided yet..


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  • dba7dba
    May 1, 02:25 PM
    Samsung is losing money in a lot of areas.


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  • true777
    May 2, 09:56 PM
    In addition to giving blood and/or platelets I encourage everyone to register as a stem cell donor. Nowadays stem cell donation is quick and virtually painless, and you can save the life of a desperately ill person whose illness can be eradicated with just a few vials of your life-saving stem cells.


    Stem cell donors are urgently needed, there is a huge shortage and long wait lists from patients who are dying. I have a complex blood plasma cancer and might need a stem cell donor at some point in the future to save my life. Please register, it only takes a few minutes. The chance you will ever actually be needed as a donor is small (you'd have to be a perfect match on many blood criteria), and if you are contacted you can still refuse, so you are not committing to anything just by signing up.


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  • Chundles
    Oct 9, 05:56 PM
    I purchased this app "again"... and...

    - SimplyTweet have more features then Tweetie 2.
    - Pay for each updates.
    - Not much has changed from the previous one.
    - Still no push notification.
    - Only fancy design nothing new and exiting.

    You don't pay for updates, Tweetie 1 had 7 free updates. Updates within the 2.0 version number will also be free. Same as EVERY piece of software for the desktop.

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  • mkzamora
    Mar 11, 09:58 AM
    Will be stopping by on my lunch to check out the situation, I'll post a pic of the line if there is one.

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  • Dbrown
    Apr 22, 10:53 PM
    Because of hardware limitations. I have an old HP laptop running Windows 7, doesn't mean it can run Crysis.

    Well what do you expect? You cant reliably expect old hardware to run new software.

    Mar 23, 09:58 AM
    I went on the internet, and I found this... he must be calibrating!

    Mar 22, 08:36 PM
    I disagree with the "unless it pays money", not all paying jobs will be good for your portfolio. What you put on your portfolio will limit jobs you can or cannot get the next time around.

    Then don't put it in the portfolio. If all you can do is one thing at a time, then yes a hole will appear. If you're a freelancer, you will NOT BE BLAMED for a company's evil doings. If you ARE blamed, you don't know how to pitch yourself.

    Now picture this, you walk into a very nice office overlooking Sydney Harbor the lobby is paved in stirling silver fixtures while the floor is imported Italian marble, you go into the boardroom for the meeting the table is made of Japanese Maple while there a some very nice high backed leather seats to sit on.

    Never send a boy to do a man's job. Or, in other words, recognize the difference between yourself and what you're getting into. If you can't tell, then sayings such as, "in hindsight," will be in your future.

    You meet the manager, he assures you that whatever you're charging it wont be an issue paying, you then go into the project.

    Now most people hearing that would say "awesome take the job" but in hindsight the organisation politically was not a good company to deal with because it cannibalised the industry in 2001 and had very poor standing with other players. The other players would NEVER take on a person associated with this company due to the bad blood. I am not going to name the company but it was extremely hard to find work having that on a portfolio not to mention leaving it off ran the risk of having a hole on my CV.

    Read: UP FRONT. Bedazzled for the maple table and view of the Meiji-jingu is just that - bedazzled. The problem was your lack of experience. **BUT** that would only be held against you if you couldn't EXPLAIN it. Now if you're talking about getting more work in Japan itself, then you'd better qualify your answers as such, because that is a different business culture.

    What I am saying is taking the money you need to see how that will look on your CV. I now work for one of the largest media companies in Australia as a CD and the best advice I can give is you need to see how your work can limit or expand you career horizons.
    If you're in a position to pick-and-choose, then either (a) you already know yourself, your talent, your work, and you are NOT the kind of person who the OP is, or (b) you need to go through the fire AND know how to learn from and explain mistakes.

    Aug 9, 10:44 AM
    http://a.imageshack.us/img691/9272/screenshot20100809at438.th.png (http://img691.imageshack.us/i/screenshot20100809at438.png/)

    Queen of Spades
    Dec 2, 02:24 AM
    Where's the holiday spirit, everyone? :D


    Oct 4, 10:00 AM
    Speaking of tv shows... so excited that Chuck is back on; hence this month's background.

    thats an intense background and i really like the dock icons but how do you know which is which? and where did you get them?