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  • tjsdaname
    Sep 10, 11:07 PM
    me! lol


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  • edesignuk
    Feb 14, 02:40 AM
    Uh, I don't know if this has been asked before, but, about edesignuk's job at dealing with threads that get off track... What if it's edesignuk himself who gets it off track? What happens then?

    Please don't hurt me! I'm scared of the mods. I mean no disrespect! It's just a question, I swear! I wasn't implying anything!
    Then I imagine I get a swift kick up the butt, and land back on my previously titled demi-god ass before I know it! :eek:

    ...I'll be good...:D

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 26, 10:15 PM
    .Mac is a load of old BALLS!!! It's absolutely ridiculously. We're paying €99 in Europe really for Mail, iWeb was only added recently, but you have to buy iLife '06 to use it. iChat is free? No it's not! Guess what? You have to pay €99, cause you need .Mac to use iChat. The whole thing is a joke! Way to respect your loyal fans Apple.

    First thing apple could do is simple!! Bar this new, rarely useable addition (by me) every single thing about .Mac should stay the same!! Except one thing, PRICE, .Mac should be $29 in the US, and €29 in Europe. Then add more feature later next year.

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  • gmckenzi
    Oct 1, 06:20 PM

    Even though I believe .mac to be overpriced for the value, after buying a couple of iMacs for my extended family, I decided that it made sense to by a Family Pack license of .mac because the members of my extended family aren't that computer savvy, so making photocasting and sharing files as easy as possible was a priority.

    All the retailers I called had no stock on .mac retail boxes and told me they were on backorder. After placing an order a few days ago via the Apple Store online, the original ship date was estimated 1-3 weeks, but my order now shows an estimated ship date of October 24th.

    I can only hope that this means that the .mac service and retail boxes are going to get released in late October with new functionality. I'm not going to hold my breath, but I can't figure why something as simple as a .mac retail box with an activation code is backordered more than a month since placing my order unless something was afoot.

    I'll secretly wish for Merom MBPs at the same time of course. :D



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  • ranviper
    Feb 1, 01:31 PM
    Wish I knew how to use GeekTool...lol. :(

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  • Space, Stars. views: 1060

  • Kranchammer
    Mar 23, 10:50 AM
    NSAppleEmployee *bertrandSerlet = [[NSAppleEmployee alloc] init];


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  • WillEH
    Mar 27, 08:26 PM
    This is really funny. Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I'm the infamous seller! :) How are you guys. It's funny that most people here are laughing about the stupidity of others like myself.

    But anyway, this is in no way illegal. I would know, being a student of law. In addition, eBay AND PayPal have sided with me on this matter MULTIPLE times. The only time PayPal sided with the buyer was when they claimed they never got it and I had no shipping proof. The item is accurately described, end of story. Stop crying about it and be more responsible.

    Just an ending note, I've made over $2,000 doing this before and used it to buy two amazing Les Pauls. ;)

    - Dan

    Keyboard lawyer! Just supports my claim that everyone on the internet is a lawyer!

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  • unlinked
    Apr 6, 12:57 PM
    Pity those who live a long way from the server, ouch! I notice a difference when I switch content providers from Manchester to London (I'm based in Manchester) on Steam. I don't think this data centre is for use outside the US...

    Steam seem to have a fair few data centers themselves. I guess the Apple equivalent will have a drop down with one entry.


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  • FX4568
    Apr 28, 09:31 PM
    All this patent infringement is a total joke.
    I dont blame Apple suing Samsung and I dont blame Samsung suing Apple.
    You know who should be blamed?
    The US patent office. They are becoming more retarded every year. A girl got a patent on a specific way to "swing the swing." US patents are just like worthless papers that pave the way to sue the crap out of each other.

    In the end, AAPL wont win and neither will SM. only the lawyers.

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  • zw-gator
    Aug 12, 08:19 AM
    Anyone have a good site that lists albums that are due to be released in the future?


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  • swiftaw
    Apr 16, 06:32 PM
    google connect360

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  • wallpaperhd_HD Space and

  • kainjow
    Apr 30, 02:25 PM
    Can you post your code?


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  • gauchogolfer
    Sep 27, 02:50 AM
    Overly aggressive? I'm currently forwarding all my .Mac mail through Gmail because I got sick of so much junk mail -- 20 messages per day, usually more -- getting through from .Mac to my inbox. I actually thought they didn't have any spam filters at all.

    I have the opposite problem. I get much more spam through to my inbox on my gmail account than I do with .mac . As always, YMMV.

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  • Tags: Outer space: Stars

  • Mr.Noisy
    Apr 4, 04:49 AM
    Just updated desktop & Dock Indicators, simple :)

    Link to Original Image (http://www.wallpapersonly.net/view/wide-hd-fullhd-simple-2560x1600.html)


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  • doucy2
    Sep 24, 10:19 PM
    Er, not necessarily. Age of consent laws vary widely... in most jurisdictions, an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old can pretty much do whatever they want.
    very true will even be legal with some 16 year olds

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  • Dwalls90
    Apr 28, 08:20 AM
    Not surprising .. people know the new ones come out in the summer. I told everyone to hold off ...


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  • outer space, sky, space, stars

  • haruhiko
    Apr 24, 11:35 PM
    Apple really wants to squeeze out all potential sales of the iPhone 4 up until the last minute because they lost big time in 3GS sales for nearly 2 months after the leaked/stolen iPhone 4 incident.

    I really hope that they will still push out the iPhone 5 in June despite all the rumors that it will be postponed to September.

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  • Space, Stars, and the

  • nathanschafer
    Apr 23, 05:10 AM

    I have noticed my iphone 4 gets hot after recording for more than 2 mins, and it also heats up when taking pictures. However, it only heats up towards the right of the front speaker (it heats up on the front top right corner) on the phone. It heats up on the front, where the camera is situated directly beneath it. It is not unbearably hot. Anyone else have this problem? Is this normal?

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  • sycho
    Apr 27, 11:25 AM
    My realistic daily driver with a unrealistic engine swap.

    A4 Avant Ultrasport with a 1.8T 6speed Manual. Then TDI swap.

    The TDI would bolt up to everything from the 1.8T A4, but I have no idea how, if at all, the ECU from the TDI would talk to the cluster and the rest of the car. The long 6speed gearing would be like a "sporty" TDI gear. About 2200 RPM at 100KM/h, not horrible, just a tad above my friends TDI Jetta.

    Sep 27, 08:39 AM
    Has anyone had a close look at the main picture on Apple's preview page? The sender of the email in the top pane is 'Katie Lorenzo' but in the preview pane her name is 'Amy Lorenzo'. Also, the delivery time is out by almost an hour.


    obviously, Katie's sister Amy took the honeymoon picture.


    Apr 4, 01:22 PM
    They better use those $50 for improvement towards the expansion of their infrastructure...

    Apr 16, 04:08 AM
    Red is screwed, yellow is sucky, green is above replacement... You don't want birth rate to drop below 2.1, Turkey the only country above replacement is 2.14...


    The only meaningful way to save the red countries from depopulation is to eliminate access to birth control and abortions. Places have tried to boost birth rates, it hasn't succeeded.

    And tell me...how do you figure out this 2.1 magic number? What's wrong with 1.9? Does the human race have to be like bateria and proliferate all over the place consuming the earth until the land is barren? That's what you want? You want Europe to be like China and run out of food such that they have to give "child licenses" so that ppl won't starve to death? Oh...I know...how about Afghanistan which is what? Like 7? That's a model country we should take after for sure! :rolleyes:

    May 2, 04:59 PM
    Anyone try out this app yet? It's an application switcher that reminds me a lot of ProSwitcher. It only shows one card at a time though and you swipe up/down between apps as oppose to swiping left/right. It works pretty well but I think it's got some bugs as I'm having major memory usage and slight lag after activating it several times.

    Here's a video demo of it: http://youtu.be/lYWAmKJOesU?hd=1


    Mar 23, 02:26 PM