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  • kas23
    Apr 13, 10:41 AM
    All the while, the iPhone sales appear to be kicking ass...

    Actually, I hate to start a flamewar, but iOS's marketshare seems to have leveled-off at around 25% of people who own smartphones.


    Maybe they don't really think that releasing an iPhone in June vs September is really going to matter? Maybe people who that are going to buy the iPhone have already done so and Apple believes that they have this group of people "locked-in"? Maybe they are satisfied with the 25% marketshare because they seem to be making tons of cash of this small, but wealthy group.

    As for my iPhone 4, it already seems a bit dated and laggy (takes 10 seconds to open Camera, laggy keyboard when searching in Maps, choppy animations in games). I think this is a software problem though. If Apple came out with a much more efficient and smoother iOS 5 (that made my iPhone 4 feel like a new phone), I would be perfectly satisfied.

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  • partyBoy
    Aug 4, 07:33 PM
    What can i say...i love new york city !


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  • jared_kipe
    Nov 4, 11:59 AM
    I really liked this one. I've tried many other apps that gather the Album Cover art for iTunes songs/albums but this is the best by far.

    It's called Clutter (http://www.sprote.com/clutter/).

    Launch Clutter when you have iTunes open. As a song is playing, Clutter automatically looks up the album art. Once found, under the File menu select copy to iTunes and BAM, it's there for the WhOLE album. Sweet.

    One note. If it doesn't find the art, just go under the File menu and choose "Find cover in Amazon". Just type in different variations of the artist or song and i'm sure it'll pop up.


    This totally rocks, a pity I've already taken the time to find most of my music.

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  • JackT06
    Feb 21, 03:52 AM

    Does anyone know a way that i can make a gap in the border...

    I want to create a 3px gap in top and bottom of the Right Nav Left Border line..

    This is so that it won't touch the other borders.

    How do i do that in CSS?


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  • tobefirst
    Oct 10, 04:53 PM
    ...and if you already have an image tied to that person, it will overwrite it with their twitter pic

    I don't care for that at all either. In fact, I would like to have it the other way- it shows my contact pic INSTEAD OF a tweeter's picture if I have one. It just replaced my sister's picture with the blank Twitter icon. Not cool.

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  • jrko
    Apr 26, 06:43 AM
    Unfortunately the heat sink/fan has become detached.

    Can I use the MX-2 paste I used on the CPU's?


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  • FreeState
    Apr 15, 03:32 AM
    I always find it fascinating when people who are not gay tell gay people that words that have been used to demean and dehumanize them for generations are not offensive or have evolved to mean something else.

    Fascinating and discsusting actually.

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  • writingdevil
    Apr 20, 05:04 PM
    "You guys are hysterical..."

    our guess, guys (and a very smart sexy lady) who have a weekly "read the post and guess the poster's bent" voted unanimously that some people really have little or nothing to do in their lives, way too much time on their hands, and possible use posts as their only way to interact with other beings, even if it's online.
    not so far off if you read past posts, and try to figure out why somebody takes time, daily, to go to a site that has nothing to do with their personal interests but just to try to throw a stink bomb in somebody else's chats. how much of a life can that person really have?
    our female voter said that's not a kind thing to say, as this MAY be their only way to be recognized in life....................:(


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  • gobes
    Feb 7, 02:36 PM

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  • Jetson
    Oct 31, 08:18 AM
    A month from now I might ask myself, "What was I thinking?" about one or more songs.


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  • xwinger
    Apr 19, 09:59 AM
    so I opened up my macbook this morning (late 2008 aluminum) and it was at the log in screen which was weird so i logged on and came to discover that when i click on the applications folder in the dock that opens up the grid view, it logs me out. any suggestions?

    heres a video


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  • ECUpirate44
    May 5, 06:21 PM
    Try resetting and updating the firmware on the router.


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  • Reventon
    Dec 25, 10:21 PM
    I got some money from my parents.

    In addition to money (about $50), I got a new wallet, some new games for my iPhone and a generic brand racing wheel for my PS3 to use with the GT5 game I bought last month.

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  • ABernardoJr
    Apr 24, 11:49 PM
    I was considering the white iPhone a few days ago and just got the black one, I actually don't know if I'd even switch (just a restocking fee to worry about) to the white iPhone now though because I really like the black one a lot (probably more than I expected). I might still get the white iPhone 6 when that comes around though because I still think the white one looks good. But really you can't go wrong either way, the iPhone looks awesome with either color way. I'm just hoping they stay close to the form factor of the iPhone 4 for the next few iterations, unless they manage to find a big redesign that tops it (which I'm sure they are more than capable of lol) :apple:


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  • Warbrain
    Oct 6, 12:08 PM
    All fine and dandy that they're putting in new features...

    but make it stable and make it compatible with most of the websites out there. Safari is so behind some other browsers...

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 1, 07:00 PM
    This question is for those with new-ish (Intel) laptops who check the option to convert high bitrate files to 128-kbps AAC before copying to the Shuffle:

    Does it take long to convert the files? I have a 1GHz TiBook, and it is taking forever to get those files on there with the option checked...You should only use that option to convert AIFF CD Audio files NOT mp3 files. Your quality will go in the toilet if you try to convert mp3 directly to AAC at any bit rate. Plus it does take a long time to make that crappy conversion.


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  • Mac7
    Aug 12, 03:12 PM

    Thanks for the help Ethical

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  • ugp
    Apr 4, 10:32 AM
    I am really tempted to cancel my cell phone all together anymore.

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  • Mochi Hana
    Oct 11, 11:01 AM

    i need to buy candy bar :(
    Where did you find that cool wallpaper?

    Mar 25, 11:42 AM
    I've been thinking about that: remember when there were rumors of OS X delays because the Mac team was pulled onto the iOS team in order to get 3.0 out? I'm wondering if the opposite is happening now - the iOS team has been pulled onto the Lion team in order to get Lion ready for a summer launch.

    This begs another question.

    I know Apple likes to have very agile teams that can be pulled into whichever project needs the most attention at the time, but if OS X is taking a hit because of iOS, iOS is taking a hit because of OS X, iWork hasn�t been refreshed, let alone iWork for iOS, etc, etc, it sounds like Apple just needs more engineers.

    Aug 1, 12:49 PM

    Apr 30, 08:37 AM
    I would recommend posting your question to the forums on www.indesignsecrets.com.

    GREP questions get answered very quickly there.

    Oct 2, 10:08 AM
    You have mail

    LOL I'll say! Almost as much mail as Leo Laporte gets whilst he's doing iPad Today :D

    Nov 10, 11:38 PM
    Can anyone recommend an app that does with video what iPhoto does with photos? It should have a library of thumbnails, folders, search, the ability to display most video types, not just limited to QuickTime, ability to drag and drop files which create aliases, etc.

    Basically iPhoto for videos. Oh yeah, and free (my guess is it ain't gonna happen for free).


    It's not what you are looking for exactly but MPlayer (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/16623) has a playlist/library ability. Also it will play just about any format. Oh and yes it's free.