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  • jrko
    Apr 6, 07:34 AM
    Wow - it really is that simple :eek:

    I LOVE apple.

    Temps are up as I mounted 2 drives in the caddie under the 5.25 enclosure. Up to about 50deg.

    The sata cards & HD's pump out some heat as well. Figure I might add another fan in the top of the case like this http://www.s155158671.websitehome.co.uk/quicksilverpage2.html to expel the extra heat.

    The heat sink could maybe made more efficient. For class A amplifiers with fins running horizontally one trick is to drill holes through the fins vertically thus creating extra surface area (sides of holes) to make up for the loss in material and a chimney effect as the heat can rise through the holes. That or cut into the fins towards the base, again creating more surface area and chimney effect

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  • glocke12
    May 4, 05:16 PM
    Yep, that's what I think. He should have been interrogated, but not with "enhanced" methods.

    But don't you think there is a difference between your typical criminal/murderer, and someone like KSM who is a terrorist leader/organizer and has first hand knowledge of terrorist networks?

    Seriously, I somehow doubt that asking him nicely to tell us what he knows would have worked.

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  • Ari_0
    Aug 13, 10:29 AM

    Ok, so it isn't original. But do you have any idea how long it took me to get that right?

    By the way, whoever can guess which favourite game of mine this avatar is from, will get a free box of cyber cookies :D

    wallpaper cute pink. cute pink backgrounds for
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  • Rojo
    Oct 16, 04:16 PM
    It's up from here, and it's still the old interface.

    Still down for me.

    Anyone else having this problem, or is just me? :confused:


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  • King Cobra
    Aug 20, 07:40 PM

    That's my submission. The following animation is what I made originally, but it is 300KB, which is why I'm pissed off that I had to trim it down so much. Let this fully load first (http://andrej.gadgetgaming.com/images/avatars/million/animbig.gif).

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  • eastercat
    May 6, 06:54 PM
    You need the blob for the ios. If you don't have it, you can only install the most current ios.


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  • return7
    Oct 9, 03:13 PM
    very nice UI.

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  • tytanic11
    Jul 10, 09:23 PM
    We'll be at the AT&T store in Wyomissing, PA near in the shopping center near Target. We're planning to get there in the very early morning hours; just for the fun of it - not anticipating a line. It'd be cool to meet some other MR members there; or anyone at all - I have a feeling we'll be alone in line most of the morning.


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  • barneygumble
    Jul 26, 06:01 PM
    The cost of this equipment will have to come down substantially before i even think about adopting it, i am not going to pay $50 for a disc and $1500 for burner, a quarter of that and i may be able to stomach it. I have encoded all my DVDs and put them on my mediagate player, when these become cheaper i can actually back them up:o

    p.s I am in australia hence the price points

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  • evil_santa
    Aug 20, 06:29 PM
    yep he dose some spinning for a bit then throws up! :D


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  • nebosphere
    Mar 25, 11:44 AM
    All I want is a little scale in the corner. Is that too much to ask? It's impossible to figure out how far away things are visually. In the heat of navigation (especially via car) time is of the essence and having to re-calculate the route just to figure out the distance to destination from the current location takes too long.

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  • This Week#39;s Special: Cute Pink

  • SkippyThorson
    Apr 6, 01:56 PM
    Petabytes didn't exist in my dictionary until today. Thank you, MacRumors.

    My first thought has already been said.

    Im curious how long that will suffice...

    My first question has been asked.

    12 petabytes? That doesn't seem like too much, actually. that's 1GB of storage for 12 million customers

    My first concern has been noted.


    This thread has read my mind today. I learned what a Petabyte is - today is a good day.

    I am concerned about how long Apple will take to fill that space and need to expand, of course, this is the first round of storage purchasing, and I'm sure there is more to come - but I'm not as concerned as I am interested. The rate at which this storage is used, consumed, and expanded upon will really show how far we've come in terms of computing capacity.

    An IT professor I know whom I saw today said, "It's a great time to be alive", and that has stuck with me very well for the past few hours. I truly am happy to be here to witness our expansion in technology. :)

    ~sheds single tear~


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  • DoFoT9
    Feb 3, 07:43 AM
    For February I've gone with this little bundle of perfection.
    link. please? :)

    Using QuickPick App...
    dear god! i hope apples implementation isnt that ugly :(


    mine from last month, PS'd picture of my doggy! :D (pure bred border collie, 4 years old).

    i think i need a new one, suggestions?


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  • MacEffects
    Dec 23, 05:16 PM
    same apple as my first entry, but for contest rules - a non-edited thread. ;)

    Thats very nice!! But Apple would not like it since it has 6 Colors:p :D ... But, thats okay I like the 6 Color Logo Best. Reminds me of the good old days.


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  • Cute Pink Princess Fairy

  • rezenclowd3
    Dec 3, 02:50 AM
    My current 2 wallpapers on both my Moto Droid and MBP:



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  • MacMan86
    Apr 27, 05:54 PM
    Because it's not news. Plus it's a stupid issue in the first place. Every damn carrier in the world tracks your movement FAR more than Apple has. Google's Android tracks you even more than iOS does. This has been happening for well over a decade. Nobody cares, and only a few people have their tin-foil hats on tight enough to care.

    Absolutely. I had a text the other week from my carrier (O2 UK) suggesting I go to a shop 10 minutes from where I live to buy a product. They know my rough location from which cell towers my phone connects to and they're happy to use that info for advertising purposes. Carrier's link location information to your account and personal info, Apple aren't doing that.


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  • jouster
    Jul 21, 04:37 PM
    Hey guys,

    Anyone know of any drivers for a Linksys wireless USB Adapter for OS X?

    I have a TiVo with the home media option, and would like to stream music etc, but I can't get the Mac or the TiVo to see the Adapter.

    Needless to say, it came with a CD ROM stuffed with WIndows drivers.....

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  • NCW
    Aug 1, 03:59 PM
    Geektool is a common one.

    you can apply themes with geektool? I did not know this, ive never done much with it before, just a few scripts for weather and stuff

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  • Azadre
    Apr 20, 03:28 PM
    The iOS ecosystem is more mature than the Android system, and for that I am very happy for being on the iOS bandwagon.

    Mar 2, 05:03 PM
    @fivepoint- How about showing a little respect for the viewers of this thread and use TIMG tags on your images?

    Don't you know?

    That is the visual representation of "Bombast Baffles Brains". :rolleyes:

    May 5, 06:38 PM
    Well, I use Backgrounder to keep my music player going (I use EQu). I assume it will work with iPod as well the way you want, but I can't say 100%. Free on Cydia, so certainly worth a try to see if it works for you.

    Nov 29, 11:41 PM
    You don't speak for the rest of us, and the studios aren't interested in what you have to say because they're not making any money off you.

    The entertainment industry "earns" it's money. Seeing a movie is one of the cheapest "nights out" you can find. If it wasn't entertaining, people wouldn't go. You get bad movies every now and then, but the good ones more than make up for it.

    As far as putting limitations on digital content, that's their right. It is _their_ content. If they make the wrong decision, they'll come around when someone smarter makes the right one.

    We're in the process right now of figuring out DRM. The problem is, copying any digital media doesn't remove detract from the original. There is no incentive to be fair. DRM puts incentive, mainly convenience, in being fair.
    When it matures, it will be convenient to consumers and inconvenient to pirates.

    The cries of the entertainment industry fall on pretty deaf ears in my house.

    Yes, I understand that Universal, Disney, et al, are businesses and survive by making money, but let's not loose sight of one very important fact:

    It's entertainment. It is not necessary to the functioning of our country, culture, or lives.

    Food is. But look how little farmers get paid.

    Medical care is. But look how so much of the money we (or insurance companies on our behalf) pay actually goes to a facilities' or a doctor's malpractice insurance, not to them.

    Education is. But look how poorly-prioritized education is in this country.

    Work experience is, as a function of how it impacts one's ability to function competently and thereby either retain a job or to acquire a better one. But it's treated just as poorly as education.

    Entertainment is NOT. As a consequence, I don't plan for, nor do I budget for, any kind of entertainment concern.

    IF, and ONLY IF, there's a movie out that I really want to see, will I go to the theater to see it. And on average I probably go to a theater once a year.

    The very notion of licensing when it comes to anything other than a business deal or proposition is disgusting to me. I am not against the principle of intellectual property, but I abhor how the concept is realized in our society.

    I own probably something like 10 movies' worth of DVDs, and maybe 5 TV series' worth of DVDs. I think the last DVD I bought was The Incredibles, and that was to show my support for something I found to be superbly entertaining, and have watched multiple times.

    Most of the movies that I've acquired by "other means" I've pitched after watching them because, upwards of 80% of those instances of acquisition were instances of the acquisition of crap. So regardless of whatever legal status those materials may have been presumed to possess by others, I no longer have them because, for free or for a fee, I don't want 'em.

    The number of times I feel like Bartleby The Scrivener (that is, the character Bartleby) on a regular basis is increasing, and that's due to the fact that I perceive society to be further and further askew from what I personally accept or agree with.

    And speaking of HDCP and other DRM, DMCA, etc...

    I refuse to accept any of that. I also refuse to accept that I'm either going to have to buy some sort of an adaptor, or buy a new TV, just for the "pleasure" of (what is for me) the infrequent habit of actually watching TV. Yes, I fully realize that means that, at some point, I'll turn on the TV and all I'll get is snow because there are no longer any broadcast standards that my living room TV is compatible with. And you know what I'll do when that day comes? I'll go ahead and cancel my minimum-basic-TV (approx. $13/month) service, leaving only cable modem service. I'm absolutely serious about this.

    Perhaps if more people were like me, we could affect some kind of change in the broadcast industry and in Hollywierd, but any kind of "coming together for common good over common consensus" is incredibly arduous at best, and impossible at worst.

    Besides, when it comes to myself and a significant other, I can absolutely find a whole lot of other things to do than simply sit down and watch the boob tube.

    Apr 3, 12:55 AM

    Nov 20, 12:20 PM
    Look at Shaw's other "rumors"...